A major component of the APWA Congress, are sessions devoted specifically to importance of Sustainability in Public Works. Sustainability is a practice that permeates every discipline and function of public works. Sustainability in Public Works, in the broadest sense, means delivering our services in a manner that ensures an appropriate balance between the environment, the community and our ability to pay. We’ve designated approximately 40 sessions as focused specifically on Sustainability in Public Works, but if you listen closely to each presentation offered at this year’s Congress, you will recognize the principles of sustainability at work as speakers discuss maximizing resources, creating lasting and resilient infrastructure, and improving our communities to ensure economic and social viability.

Highlights of Stustainability in Public Works:

  • 40 education sessions dedicated specifically to sustainability showing you how to efficiently deliver infrastructure projects and services in an environmentally and socially responsible way that ensures the best economic choice in the long-term.
  • A Sustainability Pavilion on the Exhibit Floor featuring dozens of exhibitors, innovative tools, products and resources in sustainability. 
  • Envision™ Roundtable Super Session. Network with Envision™ users and discuss the potential applications and uses for the Envision™ infrastructure sustainability rating system.
  • Center for Sustainability Roundtable. Join the leaders of the APWA Center for Sustainability in a roundtable discussion about Sustainability in Public Works that will include: an overview of the Center’s recent activities, a discussion of the latest developments and trends driving the development of sustainable communities.
  • Public Works Stormwater Summit. APWA’s Water Resources Management Committee has planned this year’s summit around the themes of Sustainability and Resiliency. 
  • And much more.