Serving as a National sponsor at Congress gives you instant exposure to thousands of attendees and builds your company’s image and name recognition within the industry and to key decision makers!.

All National Congress Sponsorships include:

  • Recognition in the onsite Program & Show Guide and on the National Congress website
  • Post-conference attendee list in desired format for one-time use
  • Strategically placed signage during Congress
  • Additional APWA priority points (maximum of 5 additional points)
  • Sponsor ribbons for all your booth staff
  • Additional benefits provided as listed with each opportunity below

All sponsorships are subject to approval by APWA National. The Awards Reception, Young Professionals Networking Reception and First Timer’s Breakfast Meeting sponsor opportunities are open to all. The remaining sponsor opportunities are restricted to Congress Exhibitors only. 

To reserve your sponsorship opportunity, contact:
Brian Van Norman
Sponsorship Sales
800-848-APWA, ext. 5260
816-332-0489 (cell)

Available Sponsorships


Attendee Badge Sponsorship


Make your mark on Congress attendees as the badge sponsor. Your company logo prominently displayed on the back of ever attendees name badge. This opportunity provides ongoing exposure as attendees will do all the marketing for your company.

Sponsorship Fee $1,500 – SOLD
Priority Points: 2

Awards Recognition Reception Sponsorship


APWA’s Awards Program recognizes outstanding individuals, groups and chapters representing the best in public works. Celebrate with colleagues as we pay tribute to them for their achievements and contributions to the public works profession. The awards ceremony
will be immediately followed by a special reception honoring our
award winners on August 31. Sponsor will receive signage with company logo onsite
at the reception.

Sponsorship Fee: $3,000 – SOLD
Priority Points: 3

Beer on the Exhibit Floor Sponsorship

Congress attendees on the exhibit floor are sure to visit your booth and enjoy a refreshing beer. Sponsorship includes one keg of beer, bartender service, and signage in your booth.

Sponsorship Fee: $1,200 per Opportunity
Multiple opportunities exist for
August 30 – September 1.
Priority Points: 1

First-Timers Breakfast Meeting Sponsorship

Over breakfast, first-time Congress attendees on August 30 will hear greetings from the APWA President and Executive Director; learn how to get the most out of the dollar and time investment in Congress; learn all about the educational sessions and tracks that APWA offers; learn how to use the exhibits to the best advantage; understand how to scan the Congress program to find what is needed; and in the process, make some lifelong acquaintances of public works people from around the world. Sponsor will receive signage with company logo onsite at the reception.

Sponsorship Fee: $1,500 
Three sponsorship opportunities available
Priority Points: 2
Exclusive Sponsorship Fee: $4,500
Priority Points: 5

General Session Sponsorship


Add excitement and drama to your participation by capitalizing on the bang of 2,000 people packing the General Session room to hear renowned keynote speakers. As a sponsor, you will have the opportunity to have your logo displayed on the huge screens and you'll have the exclusive right to distribute your product literature in the room. In addition your company will receive verbal recognition as the general session sponsor. (See which days are available below.)

Sponsorship Fee: $5,000 per day
Priority Points: 5

Interactive Promotional Stations and Relaxation Station Sponsorship


From virtual sport fishing or golf, to virtual home run derby or auto racing—we can set up a full-service interactive experience for visitors to the exhibit hall. We can even set up an onsite themed relaxation station with back, neck, shoulder and foot massages—and your company will get all the credit for this great experience. This sponsorship is sure to give your company a big boost toward achieving your marketing goals and objectives. Call us for more details on how you can take advantage of this great marketing opportunity.

Sponsorship Fee: Cost varies. Contact Brian Van Norman at
for more details.

Name Badge Lanyards Sponsorship


Make every show attendee a walking ad for your company! Instead of clipping a badge to their clothing, attendees will appreciate a lanyard to hang around their necks imprinted with your company name and logo.

Sponsorship Fee: – SOLD
Cost varies. Contact Brian Van Norman at for more details.

P.W. Paws Sponsorship

Everyone loves APWA's adorable
10-ft-tall mascot. P.W. Paws is present throughout Congress to welcome attendees to sessions, entertain people on the exhibit floor and make special guest appearances at the social events. By sponsoring P.W. Paws, your company name, logo and booth number will be prominently displayed on the back of his vest bringing your company tons of visibility and smiles. Use P.W. Paws to drive traffic to your exhibit.

Sponsorship Fee: $1,000 per
two-hour session.

Priority Points: 1
$2,000 for an exclusive full day.
Priority Points: 2

Popcorn on the
Exhibit Floor


Imagine the smell of fresh popcorn wafting across the exhibit floor.

Brand the popcorn bags with your company name and logo and see your company brand in the hands
of the attendees!

Sponsorship Fee: $5,000 per day
Sponsorship opportunities still available for August 30-31 and September 1.
Priority Points: 5

Registration Bags


Make a lasting impression with all Congress attendees by sponsoring the Congress tote bags. We'll print your company name and logo on one side of the tote bag and "The Best Show in Public Works" Congress logo on the other. Because many attendees keep these as mementos after the show, this sponsorship opportunity not only gives your company high visibility during the show—it also provides valuable long-term exposure for your company after the show.

Sponsorship Fee: SOLD

Cost varies. Contact Brian Van Norman at for more details.

Shuttle Bus Sponsorship

Reach a captive audience on Workshop Wednesday, September 2 for all Congress Attendees who participate in the technical tours across Phoenix. In addition to being recognized through special signage and in the Congress Program and Show Guide, your company will have the exclusive right to distribute company brochures to all the riders on the buses.

Sponsorship Fee: $1,500 – SOLD
Priority Points: 2


Attendee Registration
Website and
Confirmation Email

This is a unique opportunity for your company to make a first impression with Congress Attendees. Your logo will be prominently displayed as a Congress sponsor on the attendee registration webpage. In addition, your logo will be incorporated into the confirmation email to be sent to attendees once they have completed the registration. There are 6 opportunities for sponsorship.

Sponsorship Fee: $2,000 per Opportunity
Priority Points: 2



Young Professionals
Networking Reception


All APWA members age 35 and younger are invited to attend the eighth annual Young Professionals Networking Reception on August 31. Guests will have the opportunity to meet and socialize with other young public works professionals. You will receive signage with your company logo onsite at the reception.

Sponsorship Fee: $2,500
Priority Points: 3





Reception Sponsor


International guests will have the opportunity to meet and network with each other at this reception on August 31. You will receive signage with your company logo onsite at
the reception as well as have the opportunity to meet and offer
greetings at the reception.

Sponsorship Fee: $10,000
Priority Points: 10


Attendee Mobile App

A Mobile App (iOS and Android) is being developed for Congress 2015. This Opportunity allows your company to have exclusive sponsorship of the Mobile App. The Mobile App will allow attendees to access Congress information on all sessions and exhibitors, ensuring that they are exposed to your logo frequently during Congress.

Sponsorship Fee: $10,000
Priority Points: 10



Attendee MyExhibitors
Confirmation Emails



APWA sends out a confirmation email to all attendees with corporate information for all exhibitor booths they visited and had their badge scanned. This sponsorship opportunity allows your company to present a lasting impression on attendees by including your logo in the confirmation email sent to them regardless of whether they had time to visit your booth or not. There are 6 opportunities for sponsorship.

(This is not a confirmation email. This email goes out to attendees post show and list the companies that scanned their badge onsite.)

Sponsorship Fee: $1,000 per Opportunity

Priority Points: 1


Snack Break

Provide attendees with the opportunity to enjoy a variety of snacks as they walk around the exhibit hall to visit vendors. Your company logo and booth number will be on signage throughoutth exhibit hall to provide additional exposure.

Sponsorship Fee: $3,500

Available August 30-31 and 
September 1.
Priority Points: 3