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Listed in this index are all articles published in the APWA Reporter during 2009. They are categorized by subject, with subject headings in alphabetical order.

  • Summary, Jan, p. 0

Cleaning up the Kitchen

  • Leading the Generations, Jan, p. 26
  • Growing your own employees, Feb, p. 18
  • Growing your own employees, Mar, p. 22
  • Teamwork, Apr, p. 56
  • Alternatives to retirement, May, p. 28
  • Dealing with difficult employees, Jun, p. 22
  • Changes in job recruitment, Jul, p. 36
  • Assimilating/Integrating Immigrants into the Workforce, Aug, p. 24
  • The power of attitude, Sep, p. 56
  • Leadership in sustainability, Oct, p. 16


  • Mentoring: Consider "Future City Competition" in your own backyard, Jan, p. 16
  • National Public Works Week: What you and your organization can do to make it special, Feb, p. 16
  • Generational Issues: Do you have them?, Apr, p. 38
  • 2009 Women in Public Works survey results, May, p. 10
  • Reaching out to our communities, Jun, p. 18
  • The First-Timers Meeting: It's all about inclusiveness!, Aug, p. 15
  • 2008-2009 APWA Diversity Committee's accomplishments, Sep, p. 14
  • Future City Program: Making a difference in children's lives, Oct, p. 10
  • Diversity in action at the 2009 APWA International Public Works Congress and Expo, Nov, p. 8
  • Leadership on the Line: Staying Alive through the Dangers of Leading, Dec, p. 12

Emergency Management

  • Emergency Management 101 or Emergency Management for Dummies: I'm supposed to do what?, Jan, p. 32
  • A new perspective on public works mutual aid: the Illinois approach, Jan, p. 33
  • National Homeland Security Consortium provides new vision for homeland security and emergency management, Jan, p. 36
  • Climate change and preparedness planning, Jan, p. 40
  • Our urban forests are under attack, Jan, p. 42
  • GTVC: Mapping tool allows emergency management personnel to visually track resources, Jan, p. 44
  • Preparing for the unexpected! And the expected!, Sep, p. 40

Inside APWA

  • Jim Martin Oral History Fund, Jan, p. 7
  • APWA Standards of Professional Conduct: What we can learn from the PGA Tour, Jan, p. 18
  • Index to 2008 articles, Jan, p. 20
  • 2009 Editorial Calendar, Jan, p. 31
  • APWA and NARC sign cooperative agreement, Feb, p. 3
  • Call for nominations to APWA Board issued, Feb, p. 6
  • APWA Reporter becoming greener, Apr, p. 3
  • APWA Board of Directors, Apr, p. 8
  • Meet your APWA staff, Apr, p. 9
  • The value of attending a national conference, Apr, p. 20
  • Meet APWA's Professional Development Department, Apr, p. 36
  • Update your community outreach efforts with Exploring the World of Public Works, Apr, p. 40
  • Ontario Chapter celebrates more than 40 years of history, Apr, p. 42
  • Chicago Metro Chapter celebrates 75 years, Apr, p. 44
  • Choosing the right tool: two perspectives on private firms and public works, Apr, p. 48
  • Our Fiscal Health, May, p. 6
  • APWA chapter leaders take Kansas City by storm, May, p. 8
  • APWA Chicago Metro Chapter Student Mentorship Program, May, p. 14
  • 2009 APWA Chapter Education Summit: What's working now, what's next?, Jun, p. 12
  • Candidates for the APWA Board of Directors named, Jul, p. 6
  • Weekend Roundup: Emerging Leaders Academy Retreat, Jul, p. 20
  • Florida Chapter Public Works Institute graduates inaugural class, Jul, p. 34
  • Chapter Membership Achievement Award winners announced, Aug, p. 10
  • APWA's new Director of Sustainability, Aug, p. 17
  • APWA Reporter receives two ECO Awards, Aug, p. 22
  • New Board member appointed, Sep, p. 8
  • Board of Directors election results, Oct, p. 15
  • APWA Strategic Plan, Nov, p. 6
  • APWA office in Washington: A new home, Dec, p. 4
  • APWA Body of Knowledge Task Force, Dec, p. 8

International Idea Exchange

  • Carbon-neutral operations in public works in western Canada, Jan, p. 30
  • Controlling the Yangtze, China's national treasure, Mar, p. 26
  • Sustainability in Mexico, Apr, p. 60
  • 2009 Jennings Randolph Fellowship recipients named, Apr, p. 61
  • E-waste recycling in the Czech Republic, Apr, p. 62
  • Sustainable Management of Community Infrastructure, May, p. 30
  • Sustainability a major issue for 2008 Australian Tour to USA and Europe, Jun, p. 26
  • Infrastructure and the New Zealand economy, Jun, p. 28
  • How to make a difference through socially responsible engineering, Jul, p. 38
  • 2009 Fall Public Works Conferences in the Czech and Slovak Republics, Jul, p. 40
  • Greening Denver's fleet, Aug, p. 28
  • International Affairs Committee 2008 to 2009, Sep, p. 60
  • APWA delegates travel to China for ideas exchange, Oct, p. 18
  • Call for Applicants for 2010 Jennings Randolph International Fellowship Program, Nov, p. 24
  • International Federation rises to new heights in Melbourne, Nov, p. 22
  • People to People International and the American Public Works Association, Dec, p. 16

New APWA staff

  • Phyllis Muder, Jan, p. 9
  • Meg Cunningham, Feb, p. 17
  • Christina Davis, Feb, p. 17
  • Mabel Tinjaca, Mar, p. 13
  • Michelle Vitale, May, p. 29
  • Laura Bynum, Sep, p. 8

North American Snow Conference

  • 2009 North American Snow Conference Technical Tour, Jan, p. 10
  • Snow professionals heading to Des Moines, Feb, p. 8
  • Top Gun Leadership, Mar, p. 8
  • The Spirit of the Iditarod, Mar, p. 14
  • The North American Snow Conference takes flight, Apr, p. 22
  • Des Moines in pictures, Apr, p. 28
  • APWA Snow Conference reaches for the skies and ends up with the sled dogs, Jul, p. 12
  • Getting Snowed!, Jul, p. 16


  • Past APWA President, Lambert Mims, dies, Jan, p. 9

President's Message

  • Work to be done and promises to keep, Jan, p. 4
  • Living the sustainable life, Feb, p. 2
  • Sustainability: Part of solid waste's past, present and future, Mar, p. 2
  • Sustainability practices: We need to set the standard, Apr, p. 2
  • An exciting time for our organization and profession, May, p. 2
  • Discover Columbus - Explore Congress 2009, Jun, p. 2
  • Uncertain times, Jul, p. 2
  • Educational opportunities that await the fleet professional, Aug, p. 2
  • The best work in life, Sep, p. 6
  • Making public service a priority, Oct, p. 2
  • Our future is extremely bright, Nov, p. 2
  • A better future for everyone, Dec, p. 2

Small Cities/Rural Communities

  • Hurricanes Katrina, Gustav and Ike: What we did and what we learned, Jan, p. 38
  • Lake Maria Sanchez water control structure, Feb, p. 38
  • Making a positive impact in Boone County, Mar, p. 50
  • The National Levee Safety Program: How might your local government and citizens be affected?, Apr, p. 82
  • Managing project budgets in a tight economy: joint bidding of public works projects, May, p. 18
  • Successfully implementing a Quality Assurance Program in a small community, Jun, p. 20
  • Safety makes cents!, Jul, p. 32
  • Infrastructure solutions through bonding, Aug, p. 18
  • Windstorm event in Galesburg, Illinois, Sep, p. 16
  • A statewide public works agencies summit, Oct, p. 14
  • The "Real" Town Hall Meeting, Nov, p. 16
  • Proper communication removes the silo mentality, Dec, p. 22

Technical Committee News

  • Emergency Management Committee: First responders in their communities and for the APWA membership, Jan, p. 8
  • A changing theme, Feb, p. 14
  • Trash is trendy again, Mar, p. 16
  • Information Overload, Apr, p. 19
  • Engineering and Technology Committee: Applying technology in public works, Jun, p. 8
  • Are your streets complete? Is your pavement "green"?, Jul, p. 10
  • Fleet Services Committee provides menu of services for APWA members, Aug, p. 5
  • Utilities, out of sight and out of mind...but not out of danger!, Sep, p. 11
  • Winter Maintenance: A new strategy, Oct, p. 8
  • The sky is falling!, Dec, p. 6

Washington Insight

  • Election Day 2008: Outcomes and predictions for homeland security and emergency management, Jan, p. 6
  • EPA outlines approach to responding to climate change, Feb, p. 4
  • Landfill Methane Outreach Program offers opportunity to harness the power of landfill gas, Mar, p. 6
  • The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009: What does it mean for public works?, Apr, p. 4
  • Washington takes first steps to address greenhouse gas emissions, May, p. 4
  • Levee sustainability, mapping flood risk and the National Flood Insurance Program, Jun, p. 6
  • Financing surface transportation, Jul, p. 4
  • APWA testifies before Congress on levee safety during National Public Works Week, Aug, p. 4
  • National Infrastructure Bank garners interest in Congress, Sep, p. 10
  • APWA leaders meet with Homeland Security and FEMA officials, Oct, p. 6
  • Board adopts APWA advocacy priorities, Nov, p. 4
  • Have you experienced distracted driving in your community? How are you planning to curtail it?, Dec, p. 5

Water Resources

  • Water and wastewater systems: taking steps toward sustainability, Feb, p. 22
  • Spend a dime, save a dollar: do a treatment plant operations audit first, Feb, p. 26
  • New "letters" for stormwater managers, Feb, p. 30
  • Pharmaceuticals in drinking water: what utility managers should know, Feb, p. 32
  • An innovative partnership to educate today's children and inspire tomorrow's workforce, Feb, p. 34
  • Losing wells due to arsenic?, Feb, p. 36
  • Renewable energy options for water and wastewater systems, Feb, p. 40
  • A very deep dive, Feb, p. 44
  • Recent street sweeping pilot studies are flawed, Sep, p. 50
  • Sports field or stormwater infiltration area, Sep, p. 54
  • Reducing costs and consumption by integrating energy and asset management, Sep, p. 94
  • Inflatable dam helps Marysville, Ohio, meet project schedule and budget, Sep, p. 102

National Public Works Week

  • National Public Works Week: What you and your organization can do to make it special, Mar, p. 18
  • What you can do for National Public Works Week, Apr, p. 30
  • National Public Works Week celebrated on Capitol Hill, Jul, p. 11

Solid Waste Management

  • Business Recycling Outreach, Mar, p. 30
  • Moving to single stream recycling: a national review, Mar, p. 34
  • Sustainable Public Works, Mar, p. 36
  • Recent twists and turns in solid waste flow control, Mar, p. 38
  • Yes! We can do DDM together, Mar, p. 40
  • School recycling, a community partnership, Mar, p. 42
  • Fuel prices and how to control the uncontrollable, Mar, p. 44
  • Solid waste deja vu: waste-to-energy plant technologies break new ground, Mar, p. 46
  • A "Green" Festival on the Green, Mar, p. 52
  • Alternative labor source for commingled recycling: a win-win situation in Moberly, Missouri, Sep, p. 48

Annual Buyer's Guide

  • Annual Buyer's Guide, Apr, p. 86
  • Alphabetical listing, Apr, p. 86
  • Categorical listing, Apr, p. 106

APWA Book Review

  • Green Building through Integrated Design, Apr, p. 54
  • Sustainable Practices for the Facilities Manager, May, p. 20


  • Excellence in Snow and Ice Control Award, Apr, p. 34
  • 2009 Top Ten Public Works Leaders named, May, p. 22
  • APWA announces the 2009 Public Works Projects of the Year, Jul, p. 76
  • Awards 2009, Sep, p. 18

Facilities and Grounds

  • An innovative beautification project, Apr, p. 64
  • Sustainable Boulevards: Milwaukee's strategic boulevard plan, Apr, p. 66
  • The green lining in a cloudy economy, Apr, p. 68
  • Funding energy efficiency, Apr, p. 72
  • City of Bakersfield spray parks, Apr, p. 74
  • Central Iowa Metropolitan Salt Storage Facility, Apr, p. 76
  • Synthetic turf maintenance, Apr, p. 80
  • Monumental Makeover: Milwaukee City Hall's (exterior) restoration is complete after six years, Sep, p. 106


  • Finding balance in everything, May, p. 32
  • Sustainability in Historical Perspective, May, p. 36
  • Sustainability and the City, May, p. 38
  • Can sustainability and affordability coexist?, May, p. 40
  • Mayor rallies intergovernmental partnership to "go green" in Highland Park, Illinois, May, p. 42
  • Holistic Environmental Sustainability: The Next Frontier, May, p. 44
  • Why not green infrastructure?, May, p. 50
  • APWA takes the lead on sustainability in public works, Jun, p. 10
  • For infrastructure...we need to commit to a more sustainable approach, Sep, p. 12
  • An innovative green solution for urban street renewal, Sep, p. 34
  • Streets that breathe, Sep, p. 44
  • The Pineywoods Mitigation Bank, Sep, p. 90
  • Parks and sustainable cities from thin air, Sep, p. 96

Congress 2009

  • Walking down memory lane at the Jack Nicklaus Museum, Jun, p. 14
  • How to stop getting by and start getting ahead, Jun, p. 16
  • 21st Century Infrastructure: This could be our shining moment, Jul, p. 22
  • Columbus in pictures, Jul, p. 30
  • Enabling employees to succeed with change in organizations, Aug, p. 7
  • Four options to attend Congress, Sep, p. 32
  • Don't miss these at Congress!, Sep, p. 33
  • One-day passes available for Congress, Sep, p. 33
  • Charting a path: from Chilean flamingos to the future of public works, Nov, p. 28
  • Moments from the 2009 Congress, Nov, p. 38
  • Jungle Jack's animals at the Closing General Session, Nov, p. 42

Engineering and Technology

  • Dominguez Gap Wetlands, Jun, p. 30
  • Practical design leads to early completion and saves $22.24 million, Jun, p. 32
  • Surveying in 3D, Jun, p. 34
  • Going green saves green: how improving driving behavior helps the environment and the bottom line, Jun, p. 36
  • Web applications reduce total cost of ownership and make automating construction management a reality for local agencies, Jun, p. 38
  • Project management with a catch: the Buckroe Fishing Pier, Jun, p. 40
  • Don't let your "Infrastructure Stimulus Dollars" get washed away!, Jun, p. 46
  • Navigating the EECBG Program for cities and tribes, Jun, p. 49


  • Driving on empty: what's coming after the gas tax, Jul, p. 42
  • EPA develops work plan for transportation stormwater permitting, Jul, p. 45
  • Design Review: Whose responsibility?, Jul, p. 46
  • Putting the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to work in your community, Jul, p. 48
  • California adopts a blueprint for greener transportation: What does it mean for public works nationwide?, Jul, p. 51
  • Fund transportation: Increase the gas tax!, Jul, p. 54
  • Pavement surface condition standards: rutting and cracking, Jul, p. 58
  • Using the critical path approach to providing bicycle and pedestrian facilities to both new and existing streets, Jul, p. 61
  • Work zone traffic control: new rules and good practices, Jul, p. 64
  • City of Colorado Springs tests Terminal Blend Tire Rubber Asphalt, Jul, p. 66
  • An economical solution to a county road problem, Jul, p. 70
  • Non-maintained dirt roadways: a shared, affordable paving approach, Jul, p. 72
  • Unconventional roadway design "seed" planted with MoDOT years earlier bears fruit with innovative CFI in Missouri, Sep, p. 84

Fleet Services

  • Fleets as First Responders, Aug, p. 32
  • Fayetteville's biodiesel experience, Aug, p. 33
  • Testing hydrogen generators to boost fuel efficiency, Aug, p. 36
  • Shining a light on fuel prices, Aug, p. 40
  • City of Beloit, Wisconsin: Homegrown experiment on its way to saving city dollars, Aug, p. 42
  • Hoover's police cars are fueling America's future, Aug, p. 44

Leadership and Management

  • Pretty good practices of a public works leader, Sep, p. 38
  • Cost, schedule and quality controls for capital projects, Sep, p. 42
  • Rebuilding our nation's infrastructure: a golden opportunity for civil engineering, Sep, p. 88
  • Wilsonville Public Works Department lives up to its motto, Sep, p. 99
  • Real gold at the end of the rainbow, Sep, p. 104
  • Values-Based Leadership, Dec, p. 20
  • When you need professional help, Dec, p. 24
  • Emotional Intelligence: How it affects the workplace, Dec, p. 28
  • Budgeting for results, Dec, p. 29
  • Boosting morale during challenging times, Dec, p. 32

Utility and Public Right-of-Way

  • Crossbores: the hidden danger, Sep, p. 62
  • Utility Damage Prevention: What can your agency do?, Sep, p. 64
  • Distribution Integrity Management Program, Sep, p. 70
  • Leveraging new technologies for better highway project coordination, Sep, p. 72
  • Keyhole coring and replacement: the right solution for right-of-way owners, Sep, p. 76
  • Pipelines and Informed Planning Alliance: Promoting safety for pipelines and communities, Sep, p. 80
  • Utility rights-of-way past and present, Sep, p. 82

Winter Maintenance

  • Salt Sheriff: May I see your license please?, Oct, p. 24
  • Proper Calibration: Are your solid materials spreaders and liquid distribution systems calibrated properly?, Oct, p. 26
  • Optimizing snow routes: factors to consider, Oct, p. 30
  • Don't forget snow and ice training in lean budget times, Oct, p. 34
  • Transportation and Moisture: What is the Point?, Oct, p. 38
  • The Blizzard of 1947!, Oct, p. 42
  • Illinois Department of Transportation improves safety and savings, Oct, p. 44
  • Even in a slippery economic environment, we know snow, Oct, p. 46
  • Anti-icing migrates south for the summer!, Oct, p. 48

Back to the Basics

  • Back to the Basics, Nov, p. 18
  • Managing stress or... are you stressed out yet??, Dec, p. 14

  • Better sidewalks through systematic inspection and maintenance, Nov, p. 32