APWA‘s Awards Program was established to recognize outstanding individuals, groups, and chapters representing the best in the public works profession.


APWA will accept nominations until the deadlines listed below.

  1. Excellence in Snow and Ice Control Award – Deadline February 1, 2016, midnight Eastern Time.
  2. Top Ten Public Works Leaders of the Year – Deadline March 1, 2016, midnight Eastern Time.
  3. Public Works Project of the Year – Deadline March 1, 2016, midnight Eastern Time.
  4. SC/RC Project of the Year – Deadline March 1, 2016, midnight Eastern Time.
  5. Award nominations for all other awards not mentioned. Deadline March 1, 2016, midnight Eastern Time.
  6. PACE Award – Deadline June 1, 2016 – Chapters must first be notified they qualify to submit for this award.

Preparing Your Nomination

Please read the information below before going to the 2016 Awards submission page click here.
For Helpful Hints and Tips for Award Nominations click here.
Examples of nominations from our award winners is available upon request. Please send a email to Rhonda Wilhite at rwilhite@apwa.net to request a copy of the award nomination you are interested in.

Nominations will be submitted electronically  – no hard copies will be accepted.  Create your nomination using the awards criteria and forms on the "Awards Criteria and Forms" page. The Awards Criteria and Forms page contains the award name, the award criteria, the nomination form and the link that will take you to the nomination submission site for that award.

Once you have created your nomination in a .pdf format which is preferred (or these formats are accepted as well: doc; ppt; txt; gif; jpeg; jpg; mpg), you will be ready to upload the nomination by choosing the link next to your award. This link takes you off the APWA website and onto the Omni Contests website. If you have a format that you are not sure will be accepted please contact Rhonda Wilhite at rwilhite@apwa.net or 800-848-2792 x5261.

Nomination Entry instructions:

Once you reach the nomination website by choosing the submit online tab on the Awards Criteria and Forms page, you will need to fill out an entrant form. An entrant form is a form with your contact information and where you will assign a username and password in order to submit a nomination.  You are not on the APWA website so you will need to do this step. Please keep the e-mail Omni Contests will send you as APWA is not able to look up your password. Once you register filling out an entrant form, you will have access to submit a nomination.   

  • Click on the Add Entry Button and fill out the Entry Form (Entry Form and Entrant Form two seperate things)
  • Hit save, you can then go to the second tab
  • Click on the second tab fill out the form hit save. Fill out each tab till you reach the Upload Nomination tab.
  • Upload the Nomination form. The APWA nomination form is to be filled out printed and saved as a separate file from your nomination.  On the Excellence in Snow and Ice Control Award and Projects of the Year and the SC/RC Projects of the Year, and the Top Ten Public Works Leaders of the Year it is not necessary to fill out the seperate APWA Nomination form but for all other awards you will need to fill out a APWA nomination form. Click on Browse, search your files and select and click on upload. Browse should disappear.
  • Second upload your nomination and third if you have any photos you want to upload there will be a field for that. HIT SAVE BUT YOU ARE NOT DONE
  • Now go to View Entries and Submit your entry by clicking on the incomplete link
  • You MUST choose submit now for it to be ready for judging
  • You are now done and will receive a confirmation email.
Support is available during normal business hours Monday-Friday, 7 am to 4:00 pm central time if you need help submitting your entries. Every attempt is made to respond to email and telephone messages on the same business day.
Contact Rhonda Wilhite at 800-848-2792 x 5261 or email at rwilhite@apwa.net.