APWA Character Stand Up Instructions and Downloads

Included below is everything your professional vendor needs to produce the P.W. Paws and Chipper Stand ups.

You should have the stand ups produced on a laminated substrate mounted to 1/2” or thicker Gatorboard (thinner Foamcore board will not be rigid enough for use.) Once mounted, the stand ups will need to have easels mounted to the back of them, your professional vendor may have to custom make an application to fit each APWA stand up.

To create the stand ups, your vendor needs these files ( download as one file, here ):

  • PawsStandUp.pdf (full size - 48”X 72”, full color artwork of the P.W. Paws stand up in PDF format)

  • PWPAWSStandupCut.pdf (8.5”X 11” reference page showing the area to be trimmed for the P.W. Paws stand up in PDF format)

  • ChipperStandUp.pdf (full size - 36”X 48”, full color artwork of the Chipper stand up in PDF format)

NOTE: The Chipper Character Stand Up does not have a “Cut” file because there is no special trimming that is needed, simply cut out Chipper along the outlines of the artwork.

Should you have any questions, concerns, or special requests please contact Dave Dancy by e-mail at ddancy@apwa.net or by phone at (816) 472-6100, extension 5250.

File size 48”X 72”

File size 8.5”X 11”

File size 36”X 48”

NOTE: These images are not to scale and are included here for reference only.

Download a sample proclamation here

If you have questions about NPWW or art requests, please contact Dave Dancy via email or call 800-848-2792 ext 5250.