The sooner you begin planning National Public Works Week events and activities, the more successful you will be.
The following is a sample calendar for the Planning Committee.

Early February
Late February

Other topics:

Committee Structure
APWA Support


Early February

Schedule a kickoff meeting to organize the celebration. Invite individuals from all public works departments, the chamber of commerce, public affairs office, community schools, and area businesses (vendor-partners).

  • Select a Planning Committee and chairperson.
  • Determine the organization's primary message for the celebration.
  • Discuss goals and set objectives.
  • Define target audiences.
  • Discuss and determine the events and activities that will attract target audiences and enable you to meet your objectives.
  • Establish a means to capture information during the celebration that will enable you to evaluate your success
  • Establish a means to record information at the committee level during the planning phase.
  • Establish a means to disseminate and collect information during the planning phase.
  • Select an Education Committee, a Promotions Committee, and a committee for each event; select a chairperson for each committee; clarify and assign responsibilities.
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Mid February

  • Determine an operating budget and share information with committees.
  • Develop master calendar with milestones.
  • Develop a schedule of meetings to review progress with committee chairpersons.
  • Order National Public Works Week commemorative posters.
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Late February

  • Committees meet to organize and begin planning phase.
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  • Committee chairpersons begin meeting with Planning Committee chairperson to report progress and obtain support.
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  • Celebrate National Public Works Week! Record the information necessary to evaluate how well you met your objectives.
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  • Celebrate your success with committee members! Send thank-you notes to supporters, committee members, corporate sponsors and volunteers.
  • Collect information from each chairperson about the success of their activity or event.
  • Complete the National Public Works Week Activity Report and send it to American Public Works Association headquarters
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Committe Structure

The following committee structure is suggested:


Planning Committee

Oversees and manages all activities and events.

Event Committees

One committee per event; organizes and completes all tasks associated with the event.

Education Committee

Organizes all activities associated with the educational objectives of the celebration.

Promotions Committee

Organizes all activities associated with the promotional objectives of the celebration.

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APWA Support

If you have questions or need help contact:

Marketing Department
American Public Works Association

2345 Grand Avenue, Suite 700
Kansas City, MO 64108-2625
Phone: 816/472-6100
Fax: 816/472-1610

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If you have questions about NPWW or art requests, please contact Dave Dancy via email or call 800-848-2792 ext 5250.