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Over 100 years ago, people involved in public works realized they had expertise to share and much to learn from one another. They planted the seed and set in motion the organization that lives and flourishes today—the American Public Works Association (APWA) .

Early on, public works professionals understood that education was a lifelong activity, and that a person’s peers are often the best source for information, practical advice, and personal support. A national event, similar to the current PWX (formerly known as the International Public Works Congress & Exposition-"Best Show in Public Works"), can be traced back to 1894. In 1937, through a merging of two related associations, APWA was formally chartered as a not-for profit association dedicated to public works education. We continue that important tradition and invite you to join us.

As we enter the 21st Century, some 28,500 people—your colleagues—form the backbone of the public works network we call APWA. They are primarily from North America, but members can be found on all continents. They plan, build, manage and maintain billions of dollars worth of public infrastructure, and do it well.

What does APWA membership mean for you? APWA members can be found throughout the public works community. They not only take their profession seriously, they are committed to each other and to advocating for increased investment in public works. By joining APWA, you immediately tap into a network of thousands of experts, some in your neighboring community, others halfway across the globe.

As one simple example, how else can you send an e-mail request for help to literally hundreds of experts and receive advice and counsel on that challenge you are facing? APWA members do this every day. APWA is organized on a chapter structure, with 63 chapters in the United States and Canada. When you join APWA, you also become a member of your local chapter. Often it is at the chapter level where members make personal connections, network and can take advantage of local educational programs.

Membership in APWA is open to anyone with an interest in public works. There are two types of membership—individual or group—simply choose the category that best meets your needs and complete a membership application. Whether you are new to public works or a seasoned veteran, you won’t be disappointed!

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