Emerging Leaders Academy

A year-long national program, the Emerging Leaders Academy provides intensive leadership and management training within the context of public works. It encourages professional growth through a strong network of peers, and offers an in-depth introduction to APWA at the national, chapter and branch levels.

The candidates must be professionals who have been working in the field of public works for ten years or less and those who have demonstrated an interest in advancing their careers within the profession.

“The APWA Emerging Leaders Academy provided a wealth of great information, and gave us the opportunity to network with other public works professionals from around the country. Overall, I believe the information we gained will help guide all who participated throughout their careers in public works."

        -Jason Calbert, Assistant Administrator, Street Division, Newport News, VA



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How To Apply

Application Packet

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for APWA’s Emerging Leaders Academy, candidates must be:
  • Individuals who have been working in the field of public works or performing public works-related functions for no more than ten years or have been working for longer than 10 years but have been promoted into their first leadership role within the past three years. (Note: the total number of years includes public works-related employment at both public and private agencies.)
  • Interest in advancing their careers within the public works profession
  • Committed to full participation in all Emerging Leader Academy assignments and activities, with the full support of their agency’s executive leadership.

2016-2017 ELA Dates

August 12, 2016                                              Applications Due
September 21, 2016                                       Applicants Notified
October 13, 2016                                            First Conference Call
November 3-5, 2016                                       Retreat Kansas City, Missouri
August 27-30, 2017                                        PWX Orlando, Florida

ELA Graduates

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ELA Class Projects

ELA IX Final Report
ELA VIII Final Report

ELA VII Final Report
ELA VI Final Report
ELA V Final Report
ELA IV Final Report



Emerging Leaders Academy
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DCS Program Manager
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