Member Type
of person placing order
 (more information about membership)
per 1,000 records
Selection or
Delivery Fees
APWA Corporate Crown $ 50 $   50 No
APWA Corporate Prestige $140 $ 140 No
APWA Corporate Heritage $150 $ 150 No
Individual $160 $ 750 No
Non-Member $170 $1000 Yes

Questions?  Please check the FAQ below or call 800-708-5478 BEFORE submitting an order.
  • Phone, fax and e-mail data is not for rent.   Listings contain full name, company, job title and postal mailing address.
  • Lists not available for job solicitations (i.e. recruiting).   Please call 800-848-2792 for information about  advertising on APWA's job website (Work Zone) or in the APWA Reporter magazine.
  • A sample mailing piece must be submitted at the time of order.  Lists will not be processed without an approved sample.

APWA’s membership lists are proprietary in nature and federal copyright laws cover them. APWA's membership mailing lists are "rented" on a one-time-use mailing basis.  The list may not be reproduced, reused, or given to anyone else for his or her use without explicit permission from APWA. It is not available for use to promote political causes, solicit donations, recruit employees, or contravene policies of the APWA.  APWA reserves the right to refuse rental of mailing lists.
For more information regarding mailing list rental, please call 800-708-5478.
If you are interested in becoming an APWA member please contact a member specialist at 800-848-APWA or



Available list rental selection criteria:

Click here to obtain "live/real time" list counts.
State(s) in USA
US Zip Code(s)
SCF  (US Postal Service sectional center facility)
Province(s) in Canada

Organization Type
Public  (cities, towns, counties, states/provinces, government agencies, etc.),    
      also see Population Range selection criteria
Private   (Consultants, Corporations, Manufacturers, etc.)

Functional Job Title
Public Works Director, Superintendent or President
Manager - Division, Dept, Project, Region

Job Responsibility
Construction Management
Emergency Management
Fleet Services
Parks and Grounds
Snow and Ice
Solid Waste
Streets, Roads and Bridges
Utility and Public Right-of-Way
Water (Potable Water)
Water (Stormwater/Flood Control)
Water (Waste Water)

Population Range
Over 1,000,000


For more information regarding mailing list rental, please call 800-708-5478.

Any changes to the original order MUST BE MADE PRIOR to the ship date. Any changes made AFTER the ship date will be billed according to the original order. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

  • How large is the list?
    Roughly 28,500 individuals; however, lists can be filtered using any combination of selection criteria above.  Obtain "live/real time" list counts by clicking here.
  • Can non-members rent lists?
    Yes. However, members receive pricing discounts.
  • Are e-mail addresses available?
    No. E-mail, phone and fax data is not for rent. Rental listings contain full name, company, job title and postal mailing address.
  • How quickly can I get my list?
    Usually within 2-3 business days (after both list rental order and sample mailing piece are received).
  • How often are lists updated?
    Daily. Lists are updated with current data on a daily basis.
  • Is prepayment required?
    First time customers must pre-pay; after that, customers may be invoiced.
  • Can APWA provide contacts for all public works agencies in the U.S. and Canada?
    No. Only those public agencies that maintain an APWA membership are available for list rental.
  • What format will I get the list in?
    You can request pressure sensitive labels (would be delivered to you via mail), an email transfer (in Microsoft Excel or other format), download/upload (using FTP site).  For details about delivery and formats, please call 800-708-5478.